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Counseling Group

Our Hearts & Doors are Open

Multi-ethnic Group of Friends

Our Values

​At Little Debbie's Second Chance Homes and Little Debbie's Family Services (Little Debbie's), we’re serving our community in extraordinary ways by breaking generational cycles of poverty and abuse. We advocate for the young, the old, and the disabled. Whether we're serving teen moms as they navigate new responsibilities, training foster parents for their expanding homes, or caring for our beloved seniors, we understand the urgency associated with the need to simply care. We believe in uplifting others because it's an honor to empower our community members to be their absolute best. Through a holistic approach, Little Debbie's is committed to providing individuals and families with unparalleled support, education, resources, and ultimately hope. 

Our Mission

Holding Hands
is what we do


Serving with Compassion

Kids Running

Words of Hope from the Leadership Team

Lakisha Stiggers, Founder & Executive Director

"The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new!" ~Socrates 

Temple Spencer, CFO

"No excuses!"

Willie Prophet Stiggers, Joseph's LADDER Visionary

“...if not US, who? It not NOW, when?"

Dashon Stiggers Sidwell, Director of Administrative & HR Services

“Praise, seek, and trust God.”


Tashanna Word, Compliance Director

“Be inspection ready at all times.”


Shynita Ponton, Regional Director of Compliance and Training

"Strive to make a difference in every aspect of your life!"

Milton Williams, Director of Residential Services

"Greatness is an endless journey, shun not the struggle."

Barina Herron, Residential Director

“Be the change that you envision.”

Andrea Grant, Residential Supervisor

"Stay focused on your goal and trust the process. It works!"

Sandra Scott, Residential Supervisor

“Life is a long days’ journey into tomorrow.”

Robert Davis, Lead Residential Staff

“Discipline and structure are the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”


Anthony Devine, Lead Residential Staff

“God first and everything will follow.”


Imani Felder, Lead Residential Staff

“Don't be a victim of your past, be an architect of your future!'”


Delaine Manley, Lead Residential Staff

“God put people here to help people.”

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