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Our Hearts & Doors are Open

Our Founder

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Mrs. LaKisha Stiggers Spencer,
Founder & Executive Director

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In 1998, when Deborah was only 39 years old, she had a brain aneurysm and passed. Her untimely death launched Lakisha into a healing journey that transpired while she completed her undergraduate studies at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lakisha continued her mother’s legacy of hope in 2001 when she became certified as a foster parent in the State of Georgia. By opening her home to dozens of female teens who could have turned to a life on the streets, she became a symbol of hope, showing the same love and commitment she experienced as a little girl. With a prayerful spirit, Lakisha felt led by God to expand the vision He placed in her heart. In 2004, Little Debbie’s Second Chance Home, (LDSCH), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization for girls ages 14 to 18 years old was founded. The name of the organization is a commemoration and remembrance of her mother, Deborah Stiggers. The program’s overall mission is to provide a structured, home-like environment for troubled and/or homeless adolescent females through spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional guidance and counseling. Through continual faith in God, Lakisha continues to be a role model for her organizations’ clients and the greater community. Her mantra is, “to whom much is given, much is required.” She also believes if you submit your life to God, He will reveal your purpose and direct your path.

Lakisha’s extensive educational background in counseling combined with her real-world experience in group facilitation and program development has equipped her to successfully work with teens and families through challenging times. She remains committed to restoring broken areas and providing the tools and resources families need the most to have a second chance. This story continues in 2009, when Little Debbie’s Family Services was founded. Recalling the determination and grit that she witnessed in South Bronx, Mrs. Lakisha Stiggers is proof-positive that with community, compassion, and commitment, walking in your destiny can become a reality.

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  • Child Placement Agency

  • Clinical Intervention

  • Parent Education

  • Job Readiness

  • Vocational & Career Development

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  • Transitional Living

  • Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD)

  • Pregnant & Parenting

    • Community Residential Alternatives (CRA)

    • Respite Services​




  • 2001-2005: Lakisha served as a foster parent to many teens, ages 14-18.

  • 2006: Little Debbie's opened its first location, the Decatur House. ILP program was designed to prepare and empower youth ages 15-18 for a successful life.

  • 2007-2009: Opened the Stone Mountain House, serving female youth who were committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

  • 2009: Little Debbie's and Ida's Cove merged. Little Debbie's acquired both of their locations (Millard and Rays Road), serving females ages 13-17.

  • 2009: Little Debbie's Family Services Community Center opened in Decatur. The agency provided mental health services, GED classes, and resources to the community.




  • Acquired the Pearls for Girls parenting support program.

  • 2011: Opened the first Joseph's Ladder locations for males, under the leadership of Willie Prophet Stiggers.

  • 2011: Little Debbie's Family Services earned national accreditation with CARF International.

  • 2012: Acquired New Life Maternity Home, a program serving teen mothers.

  • 2013: Acquired Celine's Place in Stone Mountain and changed the name to Boys2Men.

  • 2014: Acquired Harvest Lodge Grouphome, now called Depauw Way, serving females ages 15-18.

  • 2015: Acquired the Harrington House, now called Flakesmill, serving males ages 13-17.

  • 2016: Acquired the Coweta Teen Mothers' program, now called Rocky Run.




  • 2017: Little Debbie's Second Chance Homes opened its first location in Miami, Florida (program relocated to Port Charlotte, Florida).

  • 2017-2018: Little Debbie's Second Chance Homes opened three locations in Port Charlotte, Florida.

  • 2020: Little Debbie's Second Changce Homes residential program earned national accreditation through CARF International.

  • 2020: Little Debbie's Family Services became a licensed Child Placing Agency.

  • 2020: Little Debbie's Second Chance Homes acquired a contract with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services to provide residential services to individuals diagnosed with an intellectual disability.

  • 2021: Little Debbie's Child Placing Agency obtained a contract with the Department of Family and Children Services to license families and individuals who have a passion to become foster parents. 

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